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The financial aid program at Harvard Law School has two central goals: to help make a legal education accessible to every student in the JD program through need-based aid, and to preserve the broadest range of career options for graduates through the Low Income Protection Plan. Harvard Law School has a financial aid program that meets your financial needs during law school and after you graduate.

HLS does not award merit or full-ride scholarships, but instead focuses on need-based aid. Experienced student financial services officers determine each student’s financial need through careful evaluation and all officers are committed to helping every student create a workable education financing plan.

Every prospective applicant should thoroughly consider a number of details prior to entering law school. The decisions made now can affect your student contribution, financial aid, and general financial well-being throughout your time at law school. Please view the Student Financial Services’ “What to Think About Prior to Entering Law School”.

For further details on financial aid issues specific to the prospective student please visit the Student Financial Services website or contact their office directly by phone at 617-495-4606 or by email at

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